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William Schwitzer, Esq.

William Schwitzer, Esq. - Personal Injury Lawyer​ in New York City

William Schwitzer’s parents were survivors of the Holocaust. He was raised on a farm where he learned the values of hard work and true family values. He’s been married for 20 years to Wendy, from Carnasie, Brooklyn and has two children: David, 18 and Alexa, 15.

In 2010 Mr. Schwitzer was recognized for obtaining the largest motor vehicle accident verdict in New York State, in the amount of $10 million. He was also recognized in 2012 for his $11.6 million verdict.

William Schwitzer also received national recognition for obtaining a Top verdict in the nation of $37 million in a police brutality case.

William Schwitzer’s passion for protecting the rights of injured people goes beyond the doors of the courtroom; he is a strong voice of the labor movement and working class families. In 2010, he launched an educational campaign for the underprivileged workers through New York State. He has been working closely with several Latino community organizations to impart not just legal information to its members, but also sponsoring educational programs, such as the tutoring plan for Latino students in the South Bronx, a program run by the Mexican American Student Alliance (MASA). Mr. Schwitzer has proudly supported the Antonia Pantoja Scholarship that provides economic stimulus to the Latino students.

In Queens, Mr. Schwitzer has been working with the Alianza Ecuatoriana International (Ecuadorian International Alliance) to provide educational sessions to its members – most of them day laborers-, in topics such as Workers Compensation, Personal Injury and Immigration. Mr. Schwitzer has been invited by other organizations, such as The Ecuadorian Civic Committee, The Day Laborers Latino Project, Ateneo de Mexico, Fiestas Patrias Committee, and Workers Project to provide the same educational seminars, which are all sponsored by Mr. Schwitzer.

Part of the educational campaign includes the weekly radio show ‘Protecting Your Rights’, where Mr. Schwitzer, along with the Journalist Damaso Gonzalez, provide to the listeners the much needed information related to worker’s compensation and personal injury law. ‘Protecting Your Rights’ is transmitted in Spanish through the WKDM (1380 am).

Mr. Schwitzer is a grand supporter of immigrants’ rights to promote their ethnics roots and has sponsored a multitude community events, to name a few:  the Peruvian Festival, in Queens; the Ecuadorian Parade in Queens and New Jersey; the Peruvian National Parade in Clifton; the Hispanic Parade in Queens and Manhattan, the National Puerto Rican Parade, toys drives, and participated in many fundraising events for the Centro American community.

Because of his efforts to help the community, Mr. Schwitzer has been awarded a Proclamation for his humanitarian efforts by the New York State Senator from the District 13, in Queens; the Fiestas Patrias Committee; the government of the Mexican state of Puebla and the Ecuadorian Consulate, and New York City Council. Mr. Schwitzer also received a proclamation by the members of the NYPD.

Mr. Schwitzer remains devoted and dedicated to continue his public service on all of these levels. Continually Achieving Top Verdicts In New York State.

Lawyer William Schwitzer was honored for receiving two top verdicts in NYS by the New York Law Journal.


About The Author

John C. Merlino, ESQ.

John C. Merlino, ESQ.

John C. Merlino is a zealous legal voice for injured construction workers. A senior managing member of the firm, Mr. Merlino was born and raised in Brooklyn, to immigrant parents. Mr. Merlino learned the importance of educating our clients of their rights and being a strong-compassionate advocate. Mr. Merlino, along with his mentor William Schwitzer, are among the most respected Construction Site Accident Lawyers in the State of New York.

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