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William Schwitzer, Esq.

William Schwitzer, Esq. - Personal Injury Lawyer​ in New York City

William Schwitzer’s parents were survivors of the Holocaust. He was raised on a farm where he learned the values of hard work and true family values. He’s been married for 20 years to Wendy, from Carnasie, Brooklyn and has two children: David, 18 and Alexa, 15. In 2010 Mr. Schwitzer was recognized for obtaining the […]

Lawyers NYC can help those arrested due to mistaken identity

Lawyers NYC took notice when they heard about the case of mistaken identity made by Denver police. A few years ago in Denver, a black man named Bradley Braxton was arrested in that city. He was allegedly arrested for an outstanding warrant for sexual assault. The only issue with this arrest is that the man […]

Injury Lawyer NYC: Fed up with New York’s Subway violence

ny subway violence

Injury lawyer NYC and members of the greater New York area expressed shock and genuine concern after yet another death in the subway. Although these deaths are all tragic and painful for the community, this one is particularly bizarre. For the second time in a month, a man has been shoved to his death in […]

Contractor Crushed To Death By Oversized Crate

Contractor Crushed To Death By Oversized Crate

An electrical worker was killed when an oversized cargo crate crushed him near Throgs Neck Bridge in the Bronx, police told the media on July 5. The man, electrician Nick Cavataio, 62, was working outside the MTA Bridges and Tunnels building in The Bronx at about 7:45am when he was hit by the box, which […]