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Attorney William Schwitzer Obtains $5.225 Million in Compensation for Automobile Accident Victim

Many argue that justice is slow, but it always comes. That was the case for Ivory Underwood a 57-year-old man who suffered a serious automobile accident in February 2011 while driving his car for a street in New York City. He was struck by a Department of Environmental Protection vehicle on that day.

Thanks to the careful arguments and evidence presented by attorney William Schwitzer, Underwood received compensation of more than $5 million. Since the accident Mr. Underwood he was unable to continue his work as a butcher, due the severe wounds in the neck and back, and for this rexason he had to undergo repeated operations.

This was the main argument put forward by William Schwitzer in front of Judge Mark Parnow in a Brooklyn court and the jury members. Because of his severe injuries, Underwood continues to suffer pain in his neck and back, so a decent amount of monetary compensation was appropriate, which would allow him to live his life with some dignity.

The lawyer Schwitzer called a neck and back medical specialist as a witness, who, upon examination, confirmed that his client’s suffering was caused by the impact during the accident.

During the trial, Yair S. Goldstein, the defense attorney representing the city, argued that the pain Underwood suffered was due to a degenerative process on his spine, and was not related to the injuries caused in the car accident.

After both attorneys presented their evidence, the jury deliberated in favor of Schwitzer and his client, awarding the sum of $5,225,000 for injuries and medical expenses.

Schwitzer welcomed the favorable ruling, saying “I think that the compensation awarded by the jury is a reasonable sum, considering the injuries and trauma that my client has suffered.”

William Schwitzer, accident lawyer and medical malpractice.
Schwitzer said the verdict reinforces his commitment to continue to represent people who have been victims of serious accidents.
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John C. Merlino, ESQ.

John C. Merlino, ESQ.

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