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Aviation Accident Attorney

Aviation Accident Lawyers

When an airplane or helicopter accident occurs that could have been prevented, you need an experienced aviation lawyer representing your rights and the rights of your family. Lives are at stake when pilots and maintenance personnel fail to exercise caution or follow safety guidelines. Legal claims can evolve around pilot error, manufacture and maintenance issues, or unsafe flying conditions. Since aviation accidents involve complex regulations under state, federal, and even international law, you need an attorney experienced in handling these types of claims.

Aviation Accident Attorney

Aviation Attorney

William Schwitzer & Associates has the knowledge and expertise to help you with this very specialized and complex area of the law.
If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or loss due to an aviation accident, call 1-800-933-1212 to schedule a free legal consultation. There are statutes of limitation on these types of cases, so contact William Schwitzer & Associates immediately so we may evaluate the facts and advise you of your rights.