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New York City Uber Accident Attorney

When You May Need a New York City Uber Accident Attorney

Uber Accident Attorney in New York

Lyft, Uber, and other rideshare competitors have taken over the public transportation market. With the Uber App, an Uber vehicle can provide a convenient and more affordable alternative to expensive cabs while still providing more privacy than subways and buses. Unfortunately, the popularity coupled with a widening insurance gray area has created serious complexities when Uber accidents occur. This makes working with a ridesharing or Uber accident attorney at William Schwitzer & Associates is crucial to the successful outcome of a case. 

What To Do After a Uber Car Accident in New York City

Your first priority after an Uber or Lyft accident is to ensure you suffered no serious injuries. Also, check on the other persons in the vehicle. If you or someone else suffered injuries, call emergency services. You should also call the police. If possible, remain at the scene to provide information and ensure your name makes it onto the final report. You need a copy for your records.

At the earliest opportunity, consider calling a Uber accident lawyer at William Schwitzer & Associates. Our professionals can then guide you on how to proceed. Doing this as soon as possible might increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve by reducing the risk of saying or doing anything that could undermine your case.

Main Considerations for an Uber Car Accident Attorney in New York City

NYC Uber Accident

If you experience an Uber crash, identifying the responsible party might prove difficult. First, insurance companies need to determine whether the Uber driver or another entity deserves blame for the accident. This might include another driver or New York City itself. If the Uber driver receives blame for the accident, then it still begs the question of whose insurance takes the hit. Is it the driver’s personal insurance policy or Uber’s insurance company?

Each case presents new complexities, but rideshare companies do have their own way of determining who pays for the accident. They generally accept liability for accidents that occur on paid rides with passengers inside the vehicle. Rideshare companies might also accept liability for accidents that occur when the driver accepts a ride and drives toward the pickup location.

One main gray area Uber accident attorneys tackle occurs when apps malfunction and rides disappear from records. When this happens, passengers often pay Uber drivers by cash or payment apps, but what happens in the event of an accident? Another gray area exists if an accident occurs while the driver remains on call, waiting for a ride request.

Rideshare Insurance Coverage Required by New York City

The State of New York recognizes the benefits and risks rideshare companies bring to the region. To address both of these, it requires Transportation Network Companies to carry the basic coverage minimums when a driver logs in:

  • $75,000 for bodily injury or death of one person in an accident
  • $150,000 for bodily injury or death of two or more persons in an accident
  • $25,000 for the destruction of personal property in an accident

The coverage minimums increase when the driver engages in a planned rideshare trip. It requires $1,250,000 for bodily injury, death and/or the destruction of personal property. The coverage must also include supplemental insured or uninsured motorist coverage and personal injury protection no-fault insurance provisions.

How Hiring a Rideshare or Uber Accident Attorney Can Help

Injured parties should always seek legal advice, but this becomes even more urgent in rideshare accidents. The complexities require an experienced Uber accident lawyer from the very beginning. Consider some of the many ways we can help:

  • We provide peace of mind while you navigate the complex and heartbreaking process.
  • We connect you with health care facilities that can care for you and work with us to provide the medical information we need for your case.
  • We show rideshare companies and insurers that we mean business and compel them to pay attention to your case.
  • We determine when rideshare companies and insurers send low-ball offers and negotiate fairer terms on your behalf to ensure you can cover your medical bills.
  • We build your case and represent you in court, so you can focus 100% on recovering from your injuries.

What To Expect From Your Experienced Uber Accident Attorney in New York City

When you hire our New York Uber accident lawyer, know that you chose an experienced law firm with an excellent record for winning. For example, we won $27.7 million for a motor vehicle accident involving the New York City Transit and $19.85 million for another motor vehicle crash involving the City of New York.

What will our team of experienced Uber accident attorneys accomplish for you? With a free consultation it costs you nothing to find out. We don’t charge our clients unless we win their cases, which significantly reduces financial risk while also motivating our attorneys to serve as your fiercest advocates. Contact us to schedule a free case review with an Uber accident attorney.