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NYC Bus Accident Lawyer

Hiring a New York Bus Accident Lawyer

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Whether a public transit bus, a school bus, or private bus, buses are often the largest and heaviest vehicles on city streets and can cause a lot of damage when involved in an accident. While school buses are often owned by private companies or school boards, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) holds the monopoly on bus public transportation in New York City. 

While buses often present some of the safest ways to travel for passengers, bus accidents do happen. In these instances, bus passengers, bus drivers, occupants of other vehicles, pedestrians, and other road users can suffer serious injuries. These persons need an experienced bus accident lawyer to fight for their rights.

What To Expect After a Bus Accident in NYC

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In the immediate aftermath of a bus accident, expect to see the New York City Transit Authority on location. It dispatches superintendents and other professionals to gather evidence at the scene of the accident and to investigate what happened and what went wrong. Their thorough records include photographs, measurements, and testimonies from witnesses.

This gives the MTA and its bus companies a clear advantage because it can gather information while victims try to make sense of what happened. In some cases, the victims do not live and a bus accident attorney must represent their survivors instead. Experienced attorneys often use MTA records to show inconsistencies in testimonies between the bus driver and passengers to help their case.

What To Do After a Bus Accident in NYC

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In case of any bus accident, nothing takes precedence over your health and safety and that of your loved ones. Be sure to check yourself for injuries and offer assistance if you can. However, be mindful that adrenaline can temporarily dampen the effects of accidents and injuries. Moving around too much could make these injuries worse. The NYC Transit Authority could also claim you must not have suffered severe injuries if you could assist several other people.

Consequently, once you have cared for yourself and offered assistance where necessary, call a bus accident attorney at William Schwitzer & Associates. Our professionals can advise you on how to proceed. Our experienced MTA bus accident lawyer in New York City often also has information on good personal injury health care facilities to seek medical care.

If you did not at first appear to suffer serious bus accident injuries, you might choose to put off filing a claim. However, note that you do not have the same statute of limitations that you usually would for personal injury cases involving passenger vehicles. You may have only 90 days to file a claim.

Why You Need New York Bus Accident Lawyers

Many people often opt out of speaking with a bus accident lawyer after an accident because they believe they have a case of obvious negligence. However, because the MTA gets to the scene first and collects information, it might determine what to share from its records or how to spin that information.


In no time, in what initially looked like a cut-and-dried case against the city or bus company now looks like it will result in nothing for your injuries. Consider these additional reasons to hire an attorney who is experienced in bus accident cases:


  • Time Limit: Depending on the severity of your injuries, it might take you much longer than 90 days to recover. If this time lapses without filing a claim, you might miss the opportunity altogether to recover compensation for your injuries. Working with an attorney keeps you on track.
  • Resources: The MTA has the resources to build a strong case to defend itself. Even when courts determine it must pay, you might get much less than your case deserves without an experienced attorney on your side. Hiring an MTA bus accident lawyer in New York City helps you level the playing field in the courtroom and in private negotiations.
  • Investigation: Our attorneys have the resources to conduct our own investigation to determine what happened, how and why. We then compare our findings with the information provided by the MTA. This provides the foundational information we need to build a strong case.

Why Choose a NYC Bus Accident Lawyer From William Schwitzer & Associates

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Our New York bus accident attorneys at William Schwitzer & Associates have built solid reputations in the construction industry. While most of our cases fall under this header, we also handle cases against the MTA and have won seven-figure and eight-figure compensation for bus accident victims. In fact, we won $27 million in compensation against the MTA in a 2017 bus accident case and another $9.5 million against the City of New York Varsity Bus Co, Inc.

Free Consultation on Bus Accident Cases

While we cannot guarantee these high compensation values for your case, our experienced bus accident attorney in New York City can review your case and estimate its worth and feasibility. We then go the extra mile to recover damages for medical bills, lost wages and any other economic losses you faced. We don’t charge anything unless we win your case, so you have nothing to lose. Contact us today.