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Truck Accident

What Should You Do After a Truck Accident?

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Getting into an accident with another car can rattle you to your core, but truck accidents involving large trucks, aside from causing serious injuries, can elevate your anxieties and worries to another level. If you or a loved one suffered harm during a truck accident, consider working with a truck accident lawyer from William Schwitzer & Associates. Even if you think you have all the evidence you need to handle your legal situation yourself, a truck accident lawyer knows which legal angles to pursue, how to deal with the truck driver, truck company, and their insurance, and how to help you recover all the compensation you deserve.

What Should You Do After a Truck Accident?

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The chaos kicked up in the aftermath of truck accidents can leave victims scrambling and wondering what to do first. Just like with a car accident, you should first call the police and first responders to the scene of the accident to treat all injured parties. Another reason to call the police to the scene is so they can create a report to share with your truck accident attorney in New York City. The document helps build your case and establish fault.

While waiting for the police, take images of the accident scene, injuries you sustained, nearby street signs, weather, and damage to your vehicle. Gather statements from nearby witnesses and other passenger vehicle drivers, asking them to make written statements if they would rather not make verbal statements.

What Causes Commercial Truck Accidents?

One fact to remember with large truck crashes is multiple parties could bear fault for the collision. Perhaps the truck driver drove longer than current trucking industry regulations allow. The trucking company may bear fault for not properly training truck drivers before sending them out on the road. An improperly secured load could trigger an accident, especially on commercial trucks and tractor trailers. As a truck accident victim, you deserve to know all the at-fault parties from whom to seek compensation.

How Does a Truck Accident Personal Injury Lawyer Build a Case?

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While you focus on getting better, your legal representative concentrates on building your case. Besides using the evidence you gathered at the scene of the accident, your lawyer may also gather information from the truck’s electronic logging device (ELD). Our experienced attorneys know which professional witnesses to consult to strengthen truck accident lawsuits.

Have your primary care physician look you over after the accident and share your medical reports with your lawyer. Keep careful track of all expenses related to the accident and your recovery, because you could receive compensation for them.

Rather than speak with insurance companies yourself, leave that to your attorney. Not only do you not want to risk saying the wrong thing to an insurance agent, but you also may not know how to use insurance information to support your case.

What Separates Trucking Accidents from Other Motor Vehicle Collisions?

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Other than the sheer size difference between large trucks and standard automobiles, another difference between truck accident cases and car accident cases is the federal regulations regarding truck driving. Truckers may only drive so many hours each day, but the opportunity to earn a bonus may make some truckers risk violating the law, which could put others on the road in danger.

To match their massive size, trucks have larger insurance policies when compared to car insurance coverage. That means when an insurance company offers you a settlement payout, you may qualify for a lot more than the initial offer. Insurance providers often use underhanded tactics to convince truck accident victims to accept what seems like a generous payout but does not account for what the person deserves. This is one reason to let one of our attorneys take over your truck accident claim and communicate with insurance representatives.

How Do Truck Accident Attorneys Help?

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Other than understanding how one of our truck accident attorneys builds a case, you may wonder what else a legal representative does to help truck accident victims. Besides making sure insurance companies do not get away with offering substandard settlements, our legal representatives ensure our clients do not say the wrong thing to insurance agents. To get out of paying settlements, insurance providers sometimes attempt to use accident victims’ words against them. Letting a lawyer handle all communication could help to reduce the chances of that happening.

To preserve vital evidence, accident attorneys send spoliation letters to trucking companies, so they do not destroy or “misplace” essential proof. Our truck accident attorneys also interview medical staff and establish negligence.

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You cannot afford to waste time after an accident. Let a truck accident lawyer from William Schwitzer & Associates review your case and help protect your rights. You deserve to focus on making a full recovery while your commercial truck accident attorney in New York City explores your legal case. Schedule a free consultation by calling 212-683-3800 or submitting an online form.