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ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Aviation authorities recieved a distress call from a small charter plane. Alaska State Troopers were dispatched by helicopter, and discovered the wreckage of a Cessna 208B on the side of a mountain Northwest of the small Village of Togiak Alaska. The Troopers were dropped off, and hiked for an hour to arrive at the crash site. The Troopers immediately determined both pilots, and the only passenger were deceased. Troopers found the aircraft was highly fragmented, and caught fire.

The circumstances which caused the crash are still under investigation, however it is believed, poor visibility and bad weather was the leading factor behind the crash. Investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration are attempting to conduct their own investigation into the crash, however due to the nature of the remote location and weather conditions have been unsuccessful in gaining access to the crash site.

Ravn has released the name of the passenger: 49-year-old Louie John, however has refrained from releasing the names of the two pilots, pending the notification of surviving family members. This tragedy, is the fourth to occur with Ravn in the past 3 years.

This latest crash is the second in just a little over a month. The other being a mid air collision over Russian territories where 5 fatalities occured. This makes 12 fatalities in total, along with the 2 additional pilots from the other aircraft involved in the mid air collision. Ravn, in a public statement made the assertion, they would be conducting two independent investigations of both recent crashes, however they have not been available for multiple telephone inquiries surrounding these tragic events.

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