Construction Worker Killed

A worker was struck in the head by a falling object, a man whose identity has not yet been released. The accident happened on Tuesday, during construction on the hotel project GFI Capital Resources Group and partners’ in downtown Brooklyn.

The worker was drilling piles at 61 Bond Street when a shackle snapped off and struck him in the head, DNAinfo reported. His death was reported at the site at 1:22 p.m.

The number of construction-related accidents hit 500 in fiscal year 2016, compared to 314 the previous year — a 59 percent jump and a more than 200 percent increase from 2012, according to a report issued last month by the de Blasio administration.

Furthermore, In 2015, there were 433 accidents and 471 injuries on worksites, with both figures about twice as high as in the previous year, according to the Department of Buildings.

The number of construction accidents in New York City have been on the rise since at least 2012.

This sad incident and corresponding statistics show that this is not a rare event and are cause for concern in an increasingly safety minded world.


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Construction Worker Killed