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Beyond Workers’ Compensation – Additional Benefits for Injured Workers

Benefits for Injured Workers in New York

Workers’ Compensation Benefits, knowing your rights if injured at the worksite, who to contact, when to file are important facts in protecting your rights to benefits.  However should you ever have the misfortune of being injured on the job, you must also be aware that other entitlements exist in addition to Workers’ Compensation Benefits – entitlements that could provide you with the help you will need and deserve.

For instance, third-party actions can aid injured workers in receiving awards for damages, recovering lost wages and even recouping the costs of future medical treatment. That’s why if you’re a construction worker, it’s so important to be aware what role your employer has at the worksite. Is the employer the general contractor or subcontractor? Is the property your job site located owned by a municipality? If so, there are time limits to file a civil lawsuit against the municipality.

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Should you suffer an injury on the job, you want to be able to identify any and all possible defendants who might possibly have a significant role in your lawsuit so that you can obtain the maximum benefits allowed under the law.  Surviving an injury is one thing – recovering from one is another. Sadly, making a full recovery could become a long-term proposition. Or, it may not be possible at all. Securing all the benefits you’re entitled to not only protects you, it also can benefit your family’s future.

That’s why being aware of other possible benefits beyond Workers’ Compensation Benefits is important. For instance, aside from being eligible to have a right to file a Civil Lawsuit for your injuries, other benefits additional to Workers’ Compensation is possibly being eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits. What many don’t realize however, is that as an injured worker you might be eligible for this benefit even if you are fortunate enough to return to work after a period of time. Multiple factors like age, severity of your injury, education, vocational training and the amount of “credits” or the length of your employment history – all go into determining your eligibility for Social Security Disability Benefits. 

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If you’re a Union member, your Union may also provide short-term or long-term disability benefits. I have many clients who, aside from commencing a Civil Lawsuit for their injuries, collected Workers’ Compensation Benefits, Social Security Benefits and Union Disability Benefits.

Knowledge is power – learn what benefits are possible and don’t inadvertently waive your right to receive them by not knowing what to do. 

About The Author

John C. Merlino, ESQ.

John C. Merlino, ESQ.

John C. Merlino is a zealous legal voice for injured construction workers. A senior managing member of the firm, Mr. Merlino was born and raised in Brooklyn, to immigrant parents. Mr. Merlino learned the importance of educating our clients of their rights and being a strong-compassionate advocate. Mr. Merlino, along with his mentor William Schwitzer, are among the most respected Construction Site Accident Lawyers in the State of New York.