Accident in North Western Province (Zambia)

Last weekend the North Western Province had to report many accidents that occurred in M8 road at Kamasovu area in Mufumbwe district.

The main accident involved Emmanuel Tulumba, 34 age-old.

The man was driving when suddenly strucked a young boy pedestrian identified as Rodger Mukwato 5 years old, who was crossing the road and died at the scene.

After hitting the child, Tulumba lost control of the car due to high-speed and tipped over killing 3 passengers inside the car, while 2 others were seriously injured.

Folosiya Matafwali, Sony Musumali and James Shimaya were pronounced dead at the scene. Injured passengers were taken to Mufumbwe District Hospital with various injuries.

High speed believed to be the cause of the other two accidents.

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Accident in North Western Province (Zambia)