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A Car Accident Attorney On Your Side

A Car Accident Attorney On Your Side in New York City

New York is one of the top-ranked states in the number of licensed drivers on the road. With over 12 million drivers, it is not uncommon to hear about motor vehicle accidents on occasion. A car accident can cause anything from a mild inconvenience to a serious, traumatic injury. When you find yourself involved in an accident, it is essential to take care of your physical well-being and the legal aspects such an accident can generate.

Automobile Accidents in New York

Any time you find yourself in a car crash in New York, there are a few essential steps to take to protect yourself and others who may have been involved in the accident:

  • Safely move out of traffic if you can do so
  • Make sure everyone is safe and call for medical help if needed
  • Exchange information with other involved drivers, such as insurance and license information
  • Call the police to establish a case number
  • Take pictures and write down notes if possible and safe to do so
  • Get the contact information of any witnesses

An automobile accident can have different physical, emotional, and psychological impacts on an individual. In addition to working through the trauma of the situation, you may find yourself trying to deal with insurance companies, paying for car repairs, and mounting medical bills. This can quickly become overwhelming when you are also trying to recover.

You may deserve some financial compensation depending on your case, particularly if the accident resulted from someone else’s negligence. However, every interaction you have with the insurance company or other individuals involved could affect your outcome. For this reason, it can be beneficial to have an experienced car accident attorney on your side who communicates with insurance agents and other necessary personnel on your behalf.

A Car Accident Lawyer Fights for You

There are many good reasons to hire a lawyer to help you with your accident case. The right car accident law firm in New York City may be able to assist you with the following and more:

  • Avoid settling early. Some insurance companies may try to get you to accept a settlement as soon as possible. It is essential to find out if you are receiving a fair offer before buying anything, and an attorney may be able to help you decide.
  • Collect evidence and build a case. Pictures, notes, and insurance information is a good start following an accident, but there may still be other factors at play. A lawyer may be able to collect more evidence and build a stronger case for you, particularly if you are still in recovery from your accident.
  • Stand up to insurance and others. You may already be familiar with how difficult some insurance companies can be. If the thought of trying to communicate with an insurance agent has you nervous, your lawyer may be able to handle that for you.
  • Handle negotiations. When it comes to determining fair compensation, there may be some back and forth involved. An experienced attorney may handle the negotiations for you and advocate for your needs.
  • Understand the law. Car accidents can seem straightforward, but different nuances in the law could work in your favor. An experienced attorney can help you understand the law as it applies to your case and situation.

While there is no guarantee about the outcome of any particular case, having a lawyer on your side can increase your chances of receiving a fairer settlement and provide you with peace of mind knowing someone is going to bat for you.

Why Choose William Schwitzer & Associates

The team at William Schwitzer & Associates has years of experience and has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our injured clients. We understand how difficult the aftermath of a catastrophic injury can be, and we fight to ensure our clients obtain fair compensation. We have experience in gathering evidence as well as taking cases to trial. Our team carefully uncovers the facts of each case and has a history of achieving some of the highest results across the country.

We are more than just a law firm. We are an advocate for our clients who will fight for their legal rights. It is important to have a legal team at your back with a proven record, dedication, compassion, and experience. Our team checks all of those boxes and more.

Schedule a Free Consultation

At William Schwitzer & Associates, PC, our team is on your side. We offer free consultations to learn more about the options available to you in your unique situation. In addition, we handle cases on contingency. This means there is no attorney fee unless we can obtain a recovery for you. There is no time to waste when it comes to a car accident. Contact us today to schedule your consultation right away, or call us at +1-800-933-1212 to learn more.

About The Author

John C. Merlino, ESQ.

John C. Merlino, ESQ.

John C. Merlino is a zealous legal voice for injured construction workers. A senior managing member of the firm, Mr. Merlino was born and raised in Brooklyn, to immigrant parents. Mr. Merlino learned the importance of educating our clients of their rights and being a strong-compassionate advocate. Mr. Merlino, along with his mentor William Schwitzer, are among the most respected Construction Site Accident Lawyers in the State of New York.