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Worker Fell Into Acid Tank

Worker Fell Into Acid Tank

Some accidents in construction sites can be prevented by the use of security equipment and by checking the security of the work area.

An accident that apparently was preventable left four people injured. The accident took place in Clifton New Jersey in May of 2012 when a construction worker had fallen through a factory roof and dropped 40 feet into a tank of acid. According to the report in North, Martin Davis was working on the roof of Swepco Tube LLC, a metal tube manufacturing plant, when he fell into the tank of nitric acid. Davis was in critical condition with a broken rib, punctured lung and burns on his legs and side.

One of the co-workers, Rob Nuckols, 51, of Frenchtown, had jumped into the vat and was aided by three other roofers in pulling out the victim. The tank was filled with a 40 percent to 70 percent solution of nitric acid used in cleaning metal tubing. Davis was fully submerged in the solution.

The chief said over the years acid steam and mist had eaten away at the corrugated metal roof above the tank, so the roof needed to be replaced. The roof replacement work has been shut down, but the factory remained open Monday. NYC construction accident lawyers might find this as negligence, the worker was not wearing any safety harness and according to the report the contractor did not have a building permit, which would have triggered a safety inspection before or during the roofing work.

The fire department arrived about five minutes after the accident and cut off Davis’ clothes and sprayed him down with water to stop the acid from burning through his skin. Nuckols had rinsed himself off and suffered burns on his legs and abdomen. Since the workers suffered injuries it is possible that NYC construction accident lawyers were involved.

It is not known if Davis is completely recovered from his injuries and if he is able to work at the same level as before the accident. When accidents like this happen (potentially life changing accidents) and people get injured because of the negligence of a company, NYC construction accident lawyers can help by getting a fair compensation that can allow people to move forward with their lives.

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